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New & Custom-sized Pallets 

We ensure that all of our brand new pallets are of the highest quality. Our wooden pallets come in virtually any size. To facilitate moving heavy stacks, with forklifts or hand-trucks, you don’t want any ordinary pallet — you want pallets you can trust.

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Pallet Design System™

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Heat-Treated Pallets

Heat treat pallets are required for all wood packaging material used in international shipments.  One of the necessary steps for ensuring the safety of not only the product being shipped but also the environment of the product’s destination is heat treatment.


Reconditioned Pallets

In addition to selling brand new pallets, we build refurbished pallets by recycling older, used pallets. It’s both cost-effective and environmentally-friendly.


We Buy Your Pallets

If you’re looking to get rid of your older, used pallets, contact us. We will recycle and rebuild your used pallets with our personal touch. We can help declutter your workplace as well as help the environment.


Mulch Recycling

We’re not just pallet gurus. We also sell high-quality mulch in a variety of colors. Whether you’re buying in bulk for wholesale, or just looking to spruce up your yard, you’re in good hands.

PDS leads Users through the complete specification of the pallet type, size, and style, from dimensions and arrangement of all components to all the materials used to construct the pallet. This includes wood species, recycled components, types and sizes of nails and staples that are required in any pallet design. PDS then creates a pallet specification sheet, fully-dimensioned 2-D drawings with Top, Bottom, Side, and End Views, and 3-D drawings. The PDS Unit Load Specification and Drawings provides complete details on the unit load, including 2-D and 3-D drawings, plus drawings revealing the interface of the containers and pallet deck.




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We're Try Our Pallets, Inc.

Try Our Pallets, Inc. is a leading national pallet manufacturer, offering T.O.P. in class services, accountability, and pricing. Our pallets are designed to meet your specific needs, and we never take a one-size-fits-all approach, meaning you can be confident in your choice of pallet supplier. We ensure that all of our brand new pallets are of the highest quality. To facilitate moving your products, you don’t need to take the risk with just any pallet– you need a partner you can trust.


Through our Pallet Buy Back Program, you can be confident that you're partnering with a T.O.P. notch sustainable supplier. We will recycle and rebuild your used pallets with our personal touch, decluttering your workspace and helping the environment all in one fell swoop. #goplanetearth🌎


Heat-treated pallets can be a critical consideration for clients who ship internationally. T.O.P. Inc. heat-treats our pallets in-house, a huge advantage for those looking for a quick turnaround time, and a budget-friendly solution. Beyond international trade, heat-treated pallets are also fantastic for the environmentally conscious. The process not only removes pests and potential fungi, but also increases the durability and longevity of the pallet. By removing the moisture from the wood, the treatment helps pallets withstand the rigors of typical use.  




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